Do you want your house to sell quickly? Do you want to make as much money as possible? Do you want to eliminate the hassle throughout the process? A professional Real Estate Marketer will make sure your answers to those questions come true. Professionally marketed real estate makes sure your home gets seen by all potential buyers and will encourage them to take the next step of visiting the home and making an offer. There are 18 Real Estate Marketing categories that all agents have the opportunity to utilize for the benefit of their home sellers. Unfortunately for a lot of sellers, they end up with a nice friendly agent (not that nice and friendly is bad) that doesn’t even know that there are so many marketing categories. Its not their fault that they are not trained marketers and that they don’t know how to best institute the basic marketing principles and strategies within any of the categories. They just don’t realize how important this knowledge is to making money. Imagine if NIKE company left their marketing to the shoe designers. Compare the professionally marketed real estate pieces with the typical agent pieces and see for yourself if there is a difference.

1. Written Property Description
A very under utilized piece of real estate marketing, especially in Bradenton, is the written description of your home. This description is read by every buyer and real estate agent who views your listed home on the internet and within the MLS system and is printed on every flyer handed out about your home. It is also the main piece of information, along with the pictures, that buyers and buyers agents use to either eliminate homes or add homes to their desired viewing list. If this description is not written with proven marketing techniques and appropriate keywords, potential buyers may exclude your home from further consideration.

2. Professional Photos
Photos are undoubtedly the first thing buyers see of your home. For effective marketing, these photos need to create an emotional connection to the home and a desire for a buyer to investigate the home further. A Professional Photographer does not just snap pictures and use a smart phone or cheap camera, he/she creates memorable images with high quality cameras they know will create desire in buyers to take the next step to learn more about the home and schedule a viewing. Statistics prove that by having the maximum number of pictures (MLS allows 25), and by having them professionally taken, homes are sold for $934 and more, according to a Redfin study and much quicker than homes using amateur pictures.

3. The Multiple Listing Service
Because over 90% of homes are sold by Realtors, it is essential that your home is listed properly on the MLS. The MLS is where all Realtors get their information about homes for sale, and is also where the large online companies, like Realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia, derive their information. We publish the maximum 25 photos allowable, we write a professionally written marketing description, we make sure to input every last detail without error, and we even make sure that we leave notes to the buyers agents that explain how best to market the home to their buying clients. You would be surprised how many listings use fewer than 10 photos and then mess up little details like forgetting a bedroom or leaving out garage information.

4. Internet Blitz Marketing System
90% of all home shoppers begin their search online, according the the National Association of REALTORS®. With our Internet Blitz Marketing System, we assure that your home will be seen by potential buyers everywhere they look for homes on the internet.
Step 1. We make sure your home is listed on every major and most minor home search websites including Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Homesnap and Redfin.
Step 2. We make sure your home is found on searches through Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others by utilizing SEO (search engine optimization) within our teams proprietary websites. Our sites are locally focused which provides internet shoppers direct access to the important and trusted local information that they can not find on the big national home search sites.
Step 3. The final step in our Blitz is Neighborhood marketing. Potential buyers love to learn about the area they are thinking of moving to, and with our ability to rank well on Google searches, they find the neighborhood information that we provide. On the same web page as the great positive information about the neighborhood, we promote your home listing. That gives your home a real positive initial preview and a serious connection with the neighborhood the home shoppers are researching.

5. Social Network Bomb
A majority of our annual home sales will originate from our social networks and databases. These include people from all areas of our personal and business network. The contacts we are able to market to, easily number over 2000 individuals. The Social Network Bomb is a multi-stage approach that includes your homes pictures, virtual tour, video, details and written description.
1 Posted on all of our social network websites including Facebook, Google +, Linked in, and YouTube.
2 Email blast to our Buyers Agent Network of over 1500 local buyers agents,
3 Email blast to our active buyers list. By bombing everyone we have contact with, we get the word of mouth out about your home which increases our chances of finding a willing buyer quickly.

6. Home Staging
Staging can be defined as the purposeful preparation of your home to create a look and feel for the home that develops the emotional connection most buyers need to make one of the most important decisions in their life; to buy a home. There are two specific times home staging becomes an important marketing tool. 1. during the photo shoot of your home, and 2. during viewings from potential buyers. We provide the professional guidance and will make recommendations on how to most effectively stage your home for the most effective impact. Every home requires its own look, and some may require a professional staging company, a virtual staging, or simple decluttering and storage space rental. According to a survey conducted by Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corp., effectively staged homes make sellers 6% more than improperly and not staged homes and will sell 76% faster.

7. Virtual Tour
Buyers will view pictures longer, and remember your house better by watching a virtual tour. A virtual tour is a custom slide show of your homes pictures with special effects and music added to make your house stand out from the crowd. These virtual tours are posted with the listing on the MLS, on our proprietary websites, and on YouTube to gain the most viewings as possible.

8. Video Production

A very powerful tool that many buyers can not resist. It not only showcases your home to interested buyers, but because it is not a well used tool by real estate agents by large, the video will earn your home a place at the top of those buyers 'must see homes' list, especially over the homes without videos. Basic pictures can tell a story, but a video creates a impactful and memorable story.

9. For Sale Signs
Not all neighborhoods allow For Sale signs in front yards, but in those that do, we place a For Sale sign so everyone passing by, especially buyers patrolling the neighborhood for the house of their dreams, will know the home is available. They will also see the phone numbers and website addresses to gather the information they need, and to schedule a viewing.

10. Sign Riders
A highly effective marketing tool when used properly. Most agents use these for their names, but we utilize them to market your home. They are placed either on top or hanging below the For Sale sign, and create an easy method for passing by home shoppers to get their contact information to us. With their info, we can then market directly to this interested shopper.

11. Open Houses
We value the effects an open house has on our overall marketing plan. Most agents avoid holding open houses because 1. they have been told about the statistics that say less than 4% of homes are ever sold during an open house, or 2. because they are unmotivated, unprofessional and they find sitting at an open house to be boring and a waste of their Sunday time. Here is what we have found. Open houses bring people to see your home; potential buyers, nosey neighbors and real estate agents. Although it is true that we only once in a while get an offer at an open house, what most agents do not realize is that all those people who see your home become word of mouth advertisers for you. Who better to sell the neighborhood than a neighbor who has a friend moving. Our experience shows that 9% of homes that we have sold had the buyers originate from the
open house efforts. Because we value open houses, we don't just put signs up and hope people come to see, we market the open house. More people see that your home is available, and even though they may not come to the open house, they research and schedule a private viewing on another day.

12. Direct Marketing
We have a unique marketing campaign that targets very specific potential buyers based on demographics, income levels desired home types and other qualifying criteria. By effectively targeting the type of person most likely to purchase your home we can put an effective personalized presentation in front of them increasing the chances of finding a qualified buyer.

13. Newspaper Marketing
In our techno savvy world, newspaper advertising as a real estate marketing tool has become less effective. In the right circumstance though, newspaper marketing can still be a valid marketing tool. We have found the smaller local papers like The Islander and The Observer can reach vacationers reading up on the local lifestyle and real estate. Marketing a second or vacation home near or on the beaches would likely find those papers an appropriate marketing tool.

14. Realtor Association Presentation and Tour
Once a month, the Sarasota and Bradenton Realtor Association holds a meeting for agents to make a presentation about their listings to nearly 200 buyers agents actively seeking property for their clients. A well written and professional presentation confidently delivered creates excitement about your home among the Realtors, which they in turn bring to their clients. Following the meeting, interested agents are invited to visit your home so they can get a first hand preview by our team who will guide them through the important details that will be attractive to their clients.

15. Keller Williams Caravan Tour
Twice per month, our KW office of over 180 agents holds a Caravan Tour of homes listed by agents in our office. Homes in the area are visited and at each home, a presentation is made so all agents understand the benefits of the home for their buyers. Because our office is one of the most successful in the area, it is important to showcase your home to all of these highly effective agents for both feedback and opportunity to find a buyer.

16. Builders/Investors Network
There are some homes that local builders and investors want, but have a hard time finding. If your home fits their criteria, we make sure we get the homes details into their hands immediately. Builders and investors, if the numbers work for them, will buy quickly and usually for cash. Our real estate investing experience and knowledge allows us to make a serious presentation utilizing our specialized investment worksheets and systems so the builders and investors within our network can make quick and informed buying decisions.

17. Craigslist and other classified websites
These sites have their purpose for real estate, but have become less effective as the bigger home search sites have improved. Our use for these are limited to advertising open houses. Certain types of buyers will use these
sites, and if your home fits what these buyers are looking for, internet classifieds would be an appropriate tool.

18. TV/Radio/Billboards/Bus Benches
These forms of marketing are big budget items and for real estate, are better for promoting ourselves and business than for selling an individual home. We do not find these techniques bring true value to our clients. Our success in selling homes comes from making sure your home is marketed to every potential buyer at the time your home is for sale, so we use the many other more focused marketing approaches.

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